Benefits of Custom Window Treatments in Leesburg, VA; Energy Efficient Window Coverings Keep Heat Out & More

When you are focused on the interior design of your home or business, every detail counts. With the whole presentation, the windows play a bigger role than what you may think. With custom window treatments for your windows, any style, color, texture, and fabrics or materials can be selected for the perfect balance to any room. Today, we at Design Interiors by the Upholstery Shop would like to share the benefits of customizing your window coverings.

Precise Window Treatment Measurements

You’re stuck with the sizes they have in stock when you buy window treatments from a retail chain. You can’t control the amount of sunlight that is let in with ill-fitting coverings. A professional will measure your windows and the coverings are built to those exact sizes with custom window treatments.

High Quality Window Coverings

The old age “you get what you pay for” rings true when it comes to window treatments. Where custom window treatments may cost more, that are constructed with higher quality workmanship and materials. Being built to last, their lifespan surpasses the conventional, pre-made coverings.

Range of Window Treatment Fabrics & Materials

Ready-made window treatments have limited colors and materials. For example, if you like the look of wood plantation blinds, you won’t have as many material choices or colors when buying stock from a store. You will either have to make do with what is in stock or modify them and hope for results without damage. Professionals craft the drapes using your selected fabric to your exact window size.

Custom Window Treatment Colors

Like selecting the perfect fabric, customizing your window treatments lets you customize the color. When you have that rare color you need to complete the room, or simply love another, customizing your window treatments allows you to get your specific colors.

Custom Valance & Window Covering Detail

To add details to your coverings, a custom trim for your drapes or a specific hardware for your blinds is a matter of options. You do not get this advantage with ready-made window coverings.

Energy Efficient Window Coverings Keep Heat Out

Through your windows, you can lose up to 30% of your home’s heat energy and 76% of the sunlight that comes through your windows becomes heat, decreasing the air conditioning efficiency. With properly tailored window coverings you can easily increase the energy efficiency of your home or business. Additionally, custom window treatments can keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Window shades, blinds, draperies or curtains, and other options not only contribute to the aesthetics of the interior design, but it can improve the overall comfort and efficiency.

Custom Window Treatmetns & More in Herndon, Leesburg, Reston & Ashburn, Northern Virginia

Having a designer help you customize the window treatment is especially beneficial. A professional works with your home’s aesthetic to compliment your home’s décor with the window coverings. With specific details regarding your preferences, you can optimize the final results. Design Interiors by the Upholstery Shop is readily available to provide you with custom window treatments for when you want to complete the interior of your Virginia home or business. Call us today to get started on your customized window coverings to take advantage of these benefits and so much more.